Introductory Classes

Intro to Buddhism, Meditation, and Mindfulness

Upcoming Classes

  • Saturday July 7, 2018 from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM at ADMC 
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This 2 hour class is for:
  • Anyone who is curious about meditation, Mindfulness, or Buddhism.
  • Anyone who wants to give meditation a try.
  • Anyone who wants to learn the basics when attending a weekly group, although it is certainly not required.
Although Buddhism will be discussed, as many of the psychological insights, meditation, and Mindfulness arose out of Buddhism, you do not need to be a Buddhist to attend, nor will you be asked to ‘become’ Buddhist.  There are no rites or rituals. Nothing will conflict with your current religious beliefs, if any.

The course is free.  There will be a donation jar to support the ADMC if one is inclined.

Things to bring:

Nothing, unless you prefer to bring your own meditation cushion. Chairs and cushions will be provided for meditation. If preferred, a chair is fine for meditation.


Intro to Buddhism (1 hour)
A brief history of Buddhism
      Life of Buddha
      Spread and Variations of Buddhism
      Key Buddhist Teachers that brought Buddhism to the West
Is Buddhism a religion? (Quick answer - depends on you!)
      Eastern vs Western vs Secular
How is Buddhism different?
Goals of Buddhism
Benefits of Buddhism
Key Buddhist concepts

Intro to Meditation and Mindfulness (1 hour)
What is meditation?
A brief history of meditation
Types of meditation and benefits of each
Appalachian Dharma and Meditation Center
15 minute sample Concentration Meditation
Meditation FAQs (when, how much, overcoming hindrances, etc)

Instructor, Russ Miles

Russ is a Software Developer who has been practicing meditation for 45 years. He has been studying Buddhism and practicing Mindfulness for the last 14 years. Since they have had such an important impact on his life, Russ is committed to teaching meditation and Buddhist principles to others that might benefit from them. Russ is currently serving as the President of the ADMC.

Presentations from the class are available here.