Grief Recovery Support

A Mindful Journey through Grief:  Grief Recovery Support in the Tri-Cities Community

While loss and grief are part of the universal human journey, each person travels their own unique path.

A Mindful Journey through Grief  is an information and support group primarily designed for those who have lost someone through death; however, the program is open, welcome, and affirming to all who have suffered loss of any kind or those who wish to learn more.

Bringing together weekly times for learning and group discussion, members will find their grief demystified and gain the support of others who have experienced recent loss.

Ten weekly sessions are designed to provide information to help the grieving person know they are not alone and, possibly more importantly, not going crazy.

  1. Your Life with Grief
  2. Your Grief and Society
  3. The Effects of Grief
  4. Losing Your Partner
  5. Grief and Your Family
  6. Your Unique Grief
  7.  Stuck in Your Grief
  8.  Spirituality and Your Grief
  9.  Emerging from Your Grief Journey
  10. Remembrance: A Ritual
Starting dates for 2017: (Monday) March 20 and September 11
(meets every Monday for 10 weeks)

Presented by Debra Brewer, M.Div., a clinically-trained chaplain with ten years of experience facilitating grief support groups.

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