• Friday evening, July 31st, special guest Dr. Lucinda Green will present Pathway to Freedom: Walking the Eightfold Path. For details please see the flyer. (UPDATE: Lucinda will not be able to participate at the HVUUC RE group on August 2, so please plan to attend on Friday evening at ADMC.)
  • Mindfulness & Meditation, Saturday, August 15, 1:00 – 3:00 p.m. This two hour session is open to those who simply want a brief introduction to the basics of mindfulness and meditation. The content will be of interest to those who are either beginning a meditation practice, or would like to deepen their practice. Click here for more information about this session.
  • The Grief Recovery Support Group has reached maximum capacity.
  • US Penitentiary, Lee, Virginia honored the Appalachian Dharma & Meditation Center with the Volunteer of the Year Award, received at their annual volunteer appreciation banquet held April 27. ADMC volunteers currently meeting with inmates are Debi Brewer, Franklin Montenegro, Spencer Conco, and Marina Munjal. If you would be interested in finding our more about volunteering to meet with Buddhist inmates at USP Lee, contact Marina.
  • Southern Dharma Retreat Center (Hot Springs, NC) has their 2015 Retreat schedule available online (www.southerndharma.org/schedule.shtml). As a service to our community, Membership Chair, Lee Rumble, has agreed to coordinate interest. If you are planning to attend a retreat and would like to see if anyone else might be interested in carpooling, please contact Lee at  .
  • Please shop at our Store to help support Appalachian Dharma!

Here's what's happening this week at ADMC

July 28
7 – 8:30pm
Taoism Study Group This week we will continue by reading Chapter 6 of the Tao Te Ching  (postponed last week), which highlights the yin/feminine aspect of the yin-yang complement, and compares the activity of Tao with the mystery of life that springs from woman. Everyone is welcome. Meetings include a short period of guided or silent meditation, the chapter reading with commentary, and open discussion.  Contact Gary at   for more information.
July 29
9:30 - 11am
Western Buddhist Group - (Holston Valley Sangha) - We meet at our satellite location at the Unitarian Universalist Church, 136 Bob Jobe Road, Gray, TN. For the summer we will be reading and discussing a variety of articles and readings relating to Buddhism after our regular 30-minute silent meditation.
July 29
6:30 - 7:30pm
Cultivating Qualities of the Heart - 4th Wednesday - "The Practice of Generosity: The inner quality of letting go to to experience a profound spaciousness and freedom." - This session will begin with a brief talk moving into a guided meditation and concluding with silent meditation.
"Buddhism provides exceptionally clear and specific methods to bring out our human capacity for enduring love, compassion, and the self-transcending wisdom that informs them. These methods can be learned by anyone." (John Makransky)
July 30
5 - 7pm
Open Meditation - This time may be used for personal meditation in the Meditation Room, or access to library. The two hours will be conducted in Noble Silence. Open to all for any part of the two-hour session.
July 30
7 – 8pm
Buddhism & Recovery - Anyone recovering from any type of addiction, including alcoholism and drug addiction, is invited to attend this group. The group can serve as an alternative to, or an addition to, traditional 12-step recovery meetings. Beginning January 15, 2015, the group will be reading and discussing the book A Burning Desire by Kevin Griffin. The discussion centers around the concept of a "higher power" in the 12 steps of recovery programs from a Buddhist perspective. For more information contact Freddy Creekmore at  .
July 31
7 - 9pm
Special Guest Dr. Lucinda Green will present Pathway to Freedom: Walking the Eightfold Path. The Buddha discovered a way to lasting happiness, freedom from suffering. The eightfold path is a blueprint, showing us the elements we need to develop to taste that freedom, that liberation. This discourse will be a lively rendition of this age-old, tried and true teaching that shows us how to walk the talk, with wisdom, understanding and compassion. For more details please see the flyer.
August 2
2 - 3:30pm
Western Buddhist Group - Each 4-6 weeks we will explore one topic by reading various selections from different authors. We begin with a 20 minute silent meditation then have tea and snacks while reading and discussing the topic and ending with a short 5 minute closing meditation. Our current topic is Buddhism, Healing and Health. Readings include: Mediation and well being, finding meaning in pain and suffering, using compassion to alleviate suffering, and the healing power of mindfulness. Authors include: the Dalai Lama, Jon Kabat-Zinn, Dainel Siegal, Toni Bernhard and others.
August 2
5 - 7pm
Zen Meditation -  The Zen Group at the Appalachian Dharma and Meditation Center practices the classic form of zazen as taught by Dogen Zenji through modern Zen Masters like Suzuki Roshi. Please join us as early as 4:30 p.m.--meditation starts at 5:00 p.m. sharp. The entrance door will be locked at 5:00 p.m.
August 3
6:30 - 8pm
A Mindful Journey Through Grief with Debra Brewer, M.Div., Session 4, "Losing Your Partner"

Special Notes

The vision of the Appalachian Dharma & Meditation Center is to facilitate a community of Buddhist practice that fosters the integration of wisdom and compassion. Our aim, as individuals and as a community, is to cultivate insight into the nature of mind and reality and overcome ego-orientated ways of being. We are a nonsectarian Buddhist center that offers weekly programs in Vipassana, Zen, Tibetan, and Western Buddhism.

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